New Fedora Magazine for Users and Developers

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 13, 2012

Máirín Duffy blogged today of a new Fedora magazine in the works for Fedora users and developers. The idea sprang from marketing brainstorming and a desire to revive Fedora Weekly News, or revamp it as a new online publication to promote Fedora. Two guesses what it runs on...

Actually, Duffy said that the new magazine has been set up on Wordpress blogging software on top of an OpenShift server. OpenShift is a platform as a service by Red Hat. She then explained briefly the mechanics of that for those interested. The skeleton is currently located at, but one could safely bet they'll secure a better addy than that soon enough.

Discussions are still ongoing about the logo, themes, design, and the like, but one mockup was shared:

Those working on this project envision content such as:

* Short, informative content like you might think of FWN for
* Longer form stories, interviews, and articles
* The technical content that Fedora used to create to some extent for Red Hat Magazine (which is in high demand but no longer exists)
* Cultivated content from Planet
* The content that Insight was already meant for, like Board meeting minutes or announcements

Duffy also put out the call for all those who wish to help. They're looking for artists and designers, web administrators, marketing and PR experts, and writers/editors. See her post for more details and links to even more.