New Fedora Security, Linus Cartoon, and the Open Source Forest

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 31, 2014

Today in Linux news a new Fedora security team has been announced. Matt Asay says critics of Open Source Software can't see the forest for the trees. today published a cartoon saying when Linus curses, folks listen. That and a few more tidbits are inside to close out the month.

Eric H. Christensen yesterday posted an announcement of sorts to the Fedora announce mailing list saying, "I formally announce the Security Team to Fedora and open the doors to all that are interested." He says their mission is to "assist packagers in closing security vulnerabilities." Yesterday's announcement must have stirred up some buzz because today Christensen answered some questions about the newly formed team. Their basic goal is to find fixes to vulnerabilities upstream and deliver said code to frazzled Fedora developers.

Matt Asay today said, "Critics are laying siege to open source, but their arguments both mistake what open source is and how companies benefit from it." In that post he seems to be trying to set a couple other writers straight. Apparently, they don't understand Open Source Software, saying things like "history of failure," and don't seem to realize that they use OSS everyday.

The latest addition to ITworld cartoons 2014: The year in geek humor features our own beloved Linus Torvalds. It shows Linus having breakfast in a diner and loudly questioning his service with expletives. His latest email was the immediate inspiration, but ITworld makes reference to his history of this type of message. So, be sure to check that out.

And finally today:

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