New Gentoo, Just Peachy, and Tuxmachines Now

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 04, 2014

A new Gentoo liveDVD was released last week featuring Linux 3.15 and KDE 4.13. Jack Wallen follows Jack Germain in tests of a new "fresh and juicy" Linux. The Reg test drives Ubuntu 14.10. And finally today, Christine Hall takes a look at my old Website,, under its new management. It feels so strange writing that name again after what seems like such a long time. I do miss the Website and sometimes wonder if I did the right thing for me. But according to Christine Hall at, it seems the decision to sell Tuxmachines was, at least, not a bad thing for it. In fact, she says, "The site’s fans are sticking around. Indeed, the site’s traffic seems to be growing. In other words, it seems as if Tux Machines is with us to stay." See her full story for a nice little summary and more on the new owners.

But the top story tonight is the release of a new Gentoo liveDVD, from which you can play or install Gentoo. This release is officially dubbed "20140826 LiveDVD - Iron Penguin Edition" and it comes "in two flavors: a hybrid x86/x86_64 version, and an x86_64 multi lib version." The short announcement said the new release features Linux 3.15.6, Xorg 1.16, KDE 4.13.3, GNOME 3.12.2, Firefox 31, LibO, and lots more. So, give that whirl (and don't read Jim Lynch's column tonight.)

There's a new distro in town, and two reviewers think it's just peachy. Jack M. Germain reviewed Peach OSI last week and said, "You will be hard-pressed to find anything unpolished or immature in this first stable release of Peach OSI. I rarely find suitable alternatives to my favored Linux Mint Cinnamon distro. Peach is a solid candidate." Peach is based on Xubuntu and features a highly customized and attractive Xfce. Jack Wallen said today, "If you're looking for a new distribution to replace that aging dinosaur on your PC or laptop (think Windows XP), burn a live image to a disk and boot up Peach OSI. You won't regret it."

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