New LibreOffice Extension Website Live

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 28, 2011

Have you heard about those great LibreOffice extensions but have had a problem locating them? Well, those extensions (and templates) are going to be easier to find now thanks to The Document Foundation's new online repository.

At you can find extensions such as the Gallery of Danger Signs. This extension includes 400 clipart danger signs dealing with security at work. Since you never know when you'll need a skull & crossbones, this is one extension you might want to grab before you need it.

Another handy extension is Instant Word Count. Students and professional writers in particular may need to know the word count of their documents in real time. LibreOffice has a word count feature, but Instant Word Count keeps a rolling total. This is particularly handy for those who may have a specific maximum word count or those students who don't want to write any more than they have to. Whatever your reason, this is sure to be a useful tool.

Export as Images also sounds quite handy. This one will export the slides or Draw pages as a JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP or TIFF. After installing Export as Images a menu entry will appear in the File menu called, guess what, "Export as images."

Of course, this is just a few that I found interesting, but there are plenty more for all kinds of purposes. It's nice to have them assembled all on one Website.

Similarly, houses a selection of document templates that could make creating documents for your project easier. Some have a specific theme, but many are generic that can be used for any occasion.

So, as if LibreOffice wasn't indispensable enough, now you can customize your office suite and save time and energy with the new extension and template collection.