New Linux Podcast Could be What You're Looking For

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 15, 2013

Jupiter Broadcasting, the guys that bring you the Linux Action Show, now bring Linux enthusiasts a new Linux podcast: Linux Unplugged. The first show appeared a couple of days ago to address issues time inhibits on the Linux Action Show.

The initial broadcast explains that Linux Unplugged is primarily, but not exclusively, to discuss feedback from the Linux Action Show. However, the first show begins with an interesting discussion on KDE experiences vs GNOME experiences. With the subject being "Too Much Choice" other desktops and needs of users were discussed.

At that point I made the mistake of touching the running video in Konqueror (of which surprised me by even playing it as I do have java and javascript turned off), and it started over. So, you'll have to head on over there and listen to the rest yourself.

So, if you're a fan of the Linux Action Show and wished to leave feedback, join some or all the LAS social media choices, leave feedback, and get discussed on the podcast. This show was born with the social networked crowd in mind. If that's you, look for Linux Unplugged and other Linux Action Show theme shows and variations as well, such as this recent Arch Action Show.