New MakuluLinux Released and Reviewed

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 14, 2014

Ken Miller, Makulu forum moderator, wrote this weekend to announce the release of MakuluLinx 6 MATE. This release, based on Debian Testing, features MATE 1.8, Linux 3.13.7 PAE, and systemd support. MakuluLinux 6 also introduced a new installer that Jamie Watson calls much improved.

The announcement says this release improves version 5 because "we have placed control into the users hands. The user can now switch animations, wallpaper changer, dockbar on and off at will, install common everyday software with a few clicks... Manage repositories with a few clicks... Much of the use of the terminal has been removed in this release."

Version 6 was released officially April 13 and today Jamie Watson at posted his review. Although the new installer is improved, Watson still had a few issues with it. It just asked too many questions according to Watson, "34 by my count." Despite his frustration he concluded, "This installer, with Easy Installation Mode, is a significant improvement over the previous release."

Read Watson's full review and the release announcement for lots more details, but the take away comes from Watson:

Makulu Linux 6 MATE rocks. It's solid, it's easy, it's beautiful, and it's fun.