New Malware Headlines, Fedora Stickers, New RMS Article

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 09, 2016

A new Linux botnet named BillGates is making headlines today. The Russian-based Asian designed malware seems to be focusing on gaming sites. Elsewhere, Richard Stallman posted a new article today explaining the problem when free software requires non-free to function and Matt Hartley explained the difference between GNOME, Unity, and MATE. Then, for some fun, the new Plasma 5.7 wallpaper was revealed, a new Linux poll beckons, and Fedora announced a partnership with

Several news outlets covered the news of new BillGates trojan botnet malware that seeks to pwn Linux machines. Once compromised, the Linux machines then are used to conduct DDoS attacks mainly against gaming and other entertainment sites. This botnet is responsible for the largest DDoS attack in history last year which is why security firms have classified it as high risk. In related news, Ukrainian authorities have taken down Linux-based Mumblehard spam botnet.

Richard Stallman today published his latest article on keeping free software fully free. In it he said, 'If the free program's use depends unavoidably on another program which is nonfree, we say that the free program is "trapped."' A lot of problems have arisen from dependence in database programs where one must use a proprietary program or developer's service to save data when upgrading. "Using SaaSS is inherently equivalent to running a proprietary program with snooping functionality and a universal back door." Stallman then said there are free alternatives to avoid that "trap."

Laura Tucker at maketecheasier asked folks today if they think Linux is more secure that other OSes. Answers ranged from Linux is more secure to I have no idea. Currently, Linux is more secure is a bit ahead of It's only as secure as the user, by 3 percentage points. Be sure to go vote in that.

In other news:

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