New User Distros, Powered By Linux, No Opera for You

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 14, 2017

There are many companies who use or offer Linux and today Linux and Ubuntu rounded up 10 of the biggest. Elsewhere, Jack Wallen offered his suggestions for which distros might suite particular users of certain other operating systems. From Windows 7 to Mac, he found an Ubuntu-derivative for each. Yep, "there's a distribution for everyone," as long as it's Ubuntu. OMG!Ubuntu! reported today that Opera won't be providing new conceptual browser to Linux users, because they claim it's being developed "just for fun." Remember who else once said that? In other news, Canonical today plugged Dell's new Ubuntu laptops, Ubuntu Budgie announced a wallpaper contest, and MakeUseOf made use of Linux versus Windows today to illustrate how easy it can be to switch.

Lots of companies run on Linux and many are very big companies that everyone knows. Oh folks expect Red Hat and Novell to be powered by Linux, but did you know Facebook is powered by Linux? Well, since they've been open sourcing insignificant bits of code, many might already know that. Oracle is probably obvious, but Linux and Ubuntu also included Amazon and IBM in their round-up. IBM was an early supporter and user of Linux. They made several memorable commercials, one that ran during a Superbowl. Finishing up the list is Redmond's own "Linux-is-a-cancer" Microsoft. Linux code was found way back in Windows 98 and today they make no effort to hide its use even supporting it in some instances that are profitable for them. Linux and Ubuntu believe Microsoft's professed love of Linux is sincere and mentioned their membership in the Linux Foundation as well.

Ubuntu fan and writer Jack Wallen today suggested Ubuntu or Ubuntu-derivatives for those switching from one of those other operating systems. For Mac users he suggested Elementary OS saying, "Although Elementary does an incredible job of looking and feeling like an OS X desktop, it is much more than that." Windows 7 users might like ZorinOS because "you’d be hard-pressed to find a Linux distribution that does as good a job of making the transition from Windows 7 to Linux." Windows 8 users should probably try Ubuntu GNOME said Wallen because it's "best environment to give a new-to-Linux user something different, yet still function as a best-in-breed should." Guess which distribution is a perfect replacement for Android?

In related news, posted a guide to make the switch easy by familiarizing prospective users with some basic concepts and methods. Canonical highlighted the new Dell Precision mobile workstations and All-in-One. Ubuntu Budgie was accepted as an official spin under the Ubuntu umbrella and today announced a wallpaper competition for upcoming 17.04.

And finally today OMG!Ubuntu! (coincidently) mentioned the other day of a new Opera browser dubbed Neon (no relation to the KDE Plasma distribution of the same name) that they sounded quite excited about. Unfortunately, they learned today that there will be no version released for Linux users "like, ever." But an Opera spokesman said that some of the new features in it might find their way into regular Opera browser available for Linux..

BTW, "just for fun" was the reason stated by Linus Torvalds for his Linux conception and early development.  Although in his book of that name this reason was expanded to include the high cost of Minix.