Nixed, Seniors, and Networking Basics

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 17, 2014

While perusing the news this evening I saw a review on NixOS 13.10 by Jesse Smith. Sandra Henry-Stocker wrote a tutorial on "networking basics for the beginner." LinuxInsider's blog safari targeted buzz on "Linux for the senior set" and Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reports OpenStack's top operating system is Ubuntu. Finally, a new Debian Project News was posted.

Jesse Smith test drove the latest Nix OS and wrote up his assessment in today's Distrowatch Weekly. He says he wanted to try Nix OS mainly because of the Nix package management system, but later found it quite unusual. Of Nix OS he concluded, "I found NixOS to be surprisingly fast, very light on memory resources and the software repository (while small) contains enough packages to cover common tasks. The distribution handled my test environments beautifully and I highly enjoyed my time with Nix." See his full review for more.

Katherine Noyes is reporting today on what the "Linux blogosphere" has to say about "Linux for Grandma?" or "What combination of distro and UI would you recommend for an old, basic-level user who is accustomed to the XP interface and adverse to change?" See her full post for all the gory details.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols said today, "Lots of operating systems run on the OpenStack cloud, but Ubuntu Linux is most users' favorite." Ubuntu claims 55% of OpenStack systems are using Ubuntu and Vaughan-Nichols doesn't dispute it. But see his full article for all those details.

In other news, Debian Project News - March 17th, Networking basics for the beginner, and Document Freedom Matters.