NLnet to Help Fund AbiWord's ODF Compatibility Efforts

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 08, 2009

Ars Technica brings the good news that the AbiWord project has received funding from the NLnet Foundation to further a number of the project's efforts on the OpenDocument front.

One of the areas receiving special support is the newly formed AbiSource Corporation, which cites improving AbiWord's collaborative tools as one of its driving forces. NLnet will also work with the AbiWord team to improve the application's support for the OpenDocument standard in other areas, including its import/export filters.

AbiWord has long held a soft spot in the hearts of open source enthusiasts, and with good reason. It may not have the high profile that OpenOffice enjoys, but it's fast, has a "clean" user interface, and simply gets the job done. It is available for a number of platforms, and features a variety of plugins that enhance function and compatibility.

NLnet is a non-profit organization created to support projects and individuals working to increase the awareness and adoption of open information/open access efforts.