Open Courseware Spreads Out--in the Spirit of Open Source

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 05, 2009

We've covered free e-learning resources and tools, such as Moodle, several times here on OStatic, as well as collections of open source tutorials. E-learning is a very fast-growing field, and open source tools and principles dovetail nicely with it. For example, U.C. Berkeley provides free online courses based on Moodle. While the free, open courseware you'll find in this exhaustive list isn't specific to open source, there are some excellent resources that people in the open source community can get access to for free. Here are a few gems I found in the list of over 100 resources.

From the tech gurus. MITOpenCourseware has over 1,800 free courses on many topics, including a huge list of computer science courses.

MIT also does video. MITWorld offers a searchable database of free videos from events that go on at the school. I searched for "web" and found videos on the future of the web, an address from Jeff Bezos (shown above), discussion of the semantic web, and more. Check out the many technology-focused videos here. Here is an hour-long presentation from Walter Bender, when he was still with One Laptop Per Child. 

Computer science on tap. iLumina offers a free, digital library of teaching materials, including a large library of computer science resources. You can study web usability testing, programming, computer animation and more.

Languages on the cheap. Need to collaborate with open source developers who speak other languages? EduFire offers free, one-on-one video chat tutoring lessons and has thousands of participants. You can study Japanese, French, Arabic and many other languages.

Free music lessons. BerkleeShares is a community-oriented portal operated by the prestigious Berklee School of Music. You can get free music lessons here, which are excerpts from the actual courses taught at the school. Sure, it's not focused on technology, but I just had to throw this in.