Open Source Business Conference Kicks Off In Frisco

by Ostatic Staff - May. 16, 2011

Today and tomorrow, in San Francisco, one of the best open source events of the year is taking place: the annual Open Source Business Conference (OSBC). In past years, this conference has included lots of inside data scoops on open source usage, the rise of commercial open source, cloud computing and open source, and much more. It invariably attracts great speakers and prompts good discussions, and we'll be covering news from the conference this week. Here is what to expect.

Sponsored by Computerworld, this year's OSBC event is focused on four primary themes: Big Data, Big Cloud, Big Legal Problems and Big Money. Way to cut to the chase! Sessions at the conference will include:

• The winning strategies for building applications and services using open source software
• Building your Big Data staff: how to spot and recruit talent in a still nascent market
• Legal updates: how to traverse the sometimes confusing legal view as open source shifts to customer-facing Web services
• Following the money – the economics of software development versus those of data, and how they relate to open source

As always, research data on open source adoption takes center stage at OSBC, and we'll be picking up the research this week.  Among the many good speakers at the event are:

Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat

Matt Asay, former COO of Canonical and noted open source blogger

Mike Olson, CEO of Cloudera

Tom Erickson, CEO of Acquia

 In one early piece of news out of OSBC, OpenLogic has released data about the top open source licenses. From one perspective, the GPL remains at the top, but there are other ways of slicing the data. Measured by downloads, the top open source license is Apache License.

This year's event will be a good one, full of good soundbytes, and hard data.  Stay tuned for OSBC updates.