Open Source Karaoke Game Hits the Right Notes

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 02, 2009

Though Performous is a really fun open source karaoke game, I'll spare you the sound bite of me singing along with my favorite tune (trust me, you don't want to hear). Instead, you'll want to go download this cool cross-platform app and spend the day crooning into your hairbrush and pretending you're Elvis.

Performous isn't just an app that displays song lyrics, it's actually a teaching tool that can help you improve your singing voice. It helps correct your pitch (even in very noisy environments), displays musical notes onscreen as you warble, and awards you performance points for hitting all the right notes (octaves don't count).

The app has two modes, Sing and Practice, so you can get your groove on privately before you get onstage in public. Performous even has voice exercises so you can warm up ahead of time. Future versions will include instruments and dancing so eventually, you'll be able to go all Les Paul or James Brown on your friends.

Have a look at these screenshots of the app and tell me this doesn't look like a blast. Have you ever used Performous? Share your tips, tricks, or high scores in the comments.