Open Source Money Management and ERP Tools for Business

by Ostatic Staff - May. 23, 2008

For more than 10 years, I've covered financial management software applications for business use, on the proprietary side and in the open source arena. The availability of robust open source financial applications for businesses is now at a point where many firms are saving a lot of money by turning to free solutions. In particular, open source ERP (enterprise resource planning) applications, which feature strong financial modules, have taken a bite out of the software cost structure for many businesses. In this post, I'll round up eight open source finance solutions that can save your business money.

1. Adaptive Planning Express

Adaptive Planning Express is an open source budgeting and planning application that can take a small business well beyond what can be done in spreadsheets. Although you have to register first, you can request to see an online demo of how it works. Worth watching.

2. GnuCash