OpenMandriva Beta Postponed, YaST Gone Ruby

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 01, 2013

Since last week's server issues over at the OpenMandriva camp, the beta has been delayed a bit as well as overshadowing what would have been an anniversary announcement. In the meantime, over at the openSUSE project, YaST Developer Lukas Ocilka blogged today that the migration of YaST to Ruby is complete with the last modules being automatically converted.

OpenMandriva LX 2013 Beta Delayed

Yesterday João Patrício posted to the OpenMandriva Website that the upcoming OpenMandriva 2013 beta has been postponed. Patrício said, "We have decided to postpone the release of our Beta for some more days. We are working on the setup of a release branch in ABF at the same time we are finishing some fixes that we believe will provide a better experience for the community. So don’t despair, the Beta is on the cooker."

Patrício also invited users to take a short survey so they can "know better the user preferences." Results to be posted on the OpenMandriva Wiki. But as a side note, Patrício said in passing that the survey was to be introduced on the OpenMandriva Community's anniversary that passed on July 23, but the server issues ruined that.

YaST Says "good-bye-ycp, hello-ruby"

Lukas Ocilka, talented YaST developer, today blogged that "the final Ruby conversion of YaST YCP code to Ruby is over. All YaST modules have been just automatically converted from YCP programming language to Ruby." He also said a lot of the work was done by YCP-Killer. Ocilka even included short instructions for upgrading current YaST packages in openSUSE 12.3. See his post for that.

In other interesting SUSE news, Meike Chabowski, SUSE market manager, posted that 62 of the Top500 supercomputers are running some form of SUSE. And Henne Vogelsang blogged today of the "Unforgotten Heroes of oSC13."