OpenMandriva Delayed, Mageia Releases Beta

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 06, 2013

The OpenMandriva team today announced that infrastructure delays are being addressed. The OpenMandriva Web presence was due to be in place by the end of March, but progress has only slowed - not stopped. In fact, Anurag Bhandari said they were picking up steam again. In other news, Mageia is pressing onward, sans live images again.

OpenMandriva Web Infrastructure

Drupal is in use currently, but Wordpress is being installed for the OpenMandriva Blog and possibly the main Website as well.  "Possibly" was used in one spot and "replace Drupal completely" in another. In any case, this is a loss for Drupal, a CMS some folks get real tired of upgrading (some sooner than others.)

SPIP, a collaboration-centered content management system, was chosen for the documentation, MediaWiki for the wiki, and Vanilla for the forums. The infrastructure team hoped to have all this in place and up & running by March 18, but an injury to one and the personal commitments of another slowed the progress. A post today said that an emergency meeting of the infrastructure team rearranged responsibilities to compensate and they are now "happy to report that we are picking up steam again, and are quite on-song to completing things as per the action plan." No new estimate for the projected competion date was given.

Mageia 3 beta 4

Mageia 3 beta 4 was released for testing last week, but only install images. The announcement said live images were coming, but they're no-shows so far.

The release notes say Mageia 3 beta 4 ships with Linux 3.8.5, systemd 195, and Legacy GRUB is still default. The desktops have been updated to KDE 4.10.1 and GNOME 3.6.3, among others. The announcement featured a new default wallpaper (I think), but alas, I'll guess I'll wait for the next developmental release now. If you'd like to give it try, download your install image at