OpenMandriva Has a Face!

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 12, 2013

Black smoke is bellowing, church bells are ringing, trumpets are blowing... well, bloggers are blogging at least. The OpenMandriva canon have pondered, discussed, argued, researched, star gazed, and flung spaghetti on the wall; but they've finally decided. They've reached a decision as to the new logo and face of the OpenMandriva Association (and assuming the still officially unnamed distribution too). Thank goodness, it's a pretty one.

As you might have guessed, the logo above is the winner. The announcement said of it, "after internal voting, this was the most voted and consensual proposal." The following is the official soon-to-be-copyrighted logo for the OpenMandriva Association.

Speaking of said still unnamed distro, coincidently, the same post mentioned that finding a name for the distribution is their next quest. I vote for OpenMandriva, huh?