OpenMandriva Releases Public Alpha

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 18, 2013

Back in May the OpenMandriva project treated interested parties to a tech preview, but today we discover an official public alpha release ready for testing. Not much else is ready, but there is an ISO. Downloading is slow going, but that's not a completely bad thing.

While we're waiting for the download, which is painfully slow, let's consult the announcement. It says a Beta will be ready by July 30, but for now the Alpha features:

  • * Kernel 3.8.12
  • * KDE 4.10.4
  • * LibreOffice
  • * Firefox 21
  • * Clementine 1.1.1
  • * ROMP 1.6-1

The announcement mentions that their servers are getting slammed by all the downloads and suggests one use an alternative mirror, but those links are only a bit faster. Fortunately, João Patrício included several nice screenshots.

Woo, nice new purdy wallpaper
Multimedia Support with the ROSA Media Player

See the announcement for several other screenshots and download information. jcl vanier posted a link to some workarounds for those having installation difficulties. TPG said it would be nice to have Steam support in there. I agree.