OpenStack Security and Monitoring Solutions Spread Out

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 15, 2015

There is news rolling in on the OpenStack front, especially for organizations interested in cloud monitoring and security. Mirantis and Palo Alto Networks, a company focused on security, have announced a joint partnership and the availability of Palo Alto Networks next-generation security as a virtual network function (VNF) within the Mirantis OpenStack distribution.

Meanwhile, Datadog, which has a SaaS-based monitoring platform for cloud applications, has announced its integration with OpenStack. Datadog’s new OpenStack monitoring features offer customers the ability to monitor the health and performance of their OpenStack infrastructure, as well applications that run on it.

As part of their collaborative efforts, Palo Alto Networks has joined Mirantis' Unlocked Technology Partner Program. Through this effort, organizations are targeted to be able to confidently deploy and manage Palo Alto Networks VM-Series next-generation firewalls on Mirantis OpenStack using Fuel, an OpenStack project for deploying and managing OpenStack. 

"As enterprises transition to a cloud infrastructure model, they migrate from hardware-based network services to a software-based, virtualized approach," said  Kamesh Pemmaraju, vice president of product marketing at Mirantis. "Integrating Mirantis OpenStack with Palo Alto Networks VM-Series next-generation firewall is a good example of helping accelerate and secure this transition. Our Unlocked partner ecosystem makes it easy for companies to build an OpenStack cloud infrastructure with best-of-breed components."

As The VAR Guy notes:

"The news is notable because it highlights how NFV -- which until now has seen a lot of development but relatively little real-world deployment -- is intersecting with the cloud to provide new approaches to security. Through solutions like this one, security can be easily abstracted from physical infrastructure just like other cloud services. That approach not only makes security solutions more flexible by increasing their scalability and readiness to migrate, but also adds another layer of security to protect the physical servers that run OpenStack clouds."

 We've covered Red Hat and other companies working on NFV initiatives as well.

As for Datadog's announcement, Amit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer, said: “OpenStack is quickly becoming a preferred platform for private cloud environments. The scale, dynamic nature, and complexity of OpenStack environments is what Datadog specializes in monitoring. Our deep integration with OpenStack makes it simple for both OpenStack administrators and devops teams to run applications on it.”

You can find out more about Datadog's OpenStack monitoring here: