openSUSE 12.1 RC2 Released, Stokes Interest

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 03, 2011

openSUSE 12.1 is nearing final and the last developmental release has been made to the public. This is your last chance to report on those showstopping bugs or massive fails. Actually, openSUSE is urging users to get involved in testing and fixing remaining issues. Others may wish to spread the news or throw a party.

Jos Poortvliet previews what's new:

The next release of openSUSE is expected to bring a large number of improvements and changes. Many of these are the ‘usual' updates any Linux distribution offers. These include the latest Firefox, GNOME 3.2 and KDE's Plasma Workspace 4.7. Under the hood, we have Linux kernel 3.1 and we expect to be the first to ship Google's new programming language Go. We also overhauled our boot procedure introducing systemd and Grub2 (testing!) and of course we'll ship the latest developer tools and libraries as well as all the sysadmin goodies openSUSE is known for!

But we also have some really unique treats. The coolest among those is Snapper, a btrfs-based tool which allows you to view the differences between current and previous versions of files on your system and lets you roll back the changes, bringing back lost files or undoing damaging overwrites.

Further details from Jos


openSUSE 12.1 GNOME 3.2 Desktop
openSUSE 12.1 GNOME 3.2 Activities