openSUSE 13.1 Milestone 3 Arrives

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 17, 2013

The latest milestone on the road to 13.1 was released today with less dramatic changes, as milestones are, according to Andres Silva. This release features GNOME 3.10 and KDE 4.11 betas, GCC was upgraded to 4.8, and the kernel is now 3.10.0. The next milestone is scheduled for August 8, so get in those bug reports.

Milestone 3 also features Firefox 22 with WebRTC enabled. This will allow users to enjoy sites with HTML5 audio/video features. Subversion was updated to the latest stable 1.8, which is backwards compatible, and "asm.js optimizations (OdinMonkey) is now enabled for performance improvements."

Some of the goals discussed for openSUSE 13.1 include things like replacing mkinitrd with Dracut, updating Xorg X Server to 1.14.0, GCC to 4.8, and GSteamer to 1.0. The migration to systemd will be fully implemented this release by replacing initscripts with systemd service and making sure to have native support for all services. AppArmor is to be promoted and encouraged with examples for use and "make SELinux up-to-date with upstream and more usable." Some of these things have already occurred while others are a bit lower in priority.

Toolchain freeze is scheduled to happen in just a few days and Base System Freeze is planned for Milestone 4, expected August 8. Beta 1 is scheduled for September 19 with two release candidates coming in October. openSUSE 13.1 should be released to the public on November 19, 2013. openSUSE 13.2 is planned for July 2014. Milestone 3 can be downloaded from and be sure to report those bugs.