openSUSE Leap 42.2 Beta 2, Kubuntu 16.10 Beta too

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 23, 2016

openSUSE's Douglas DeMaio today announced the availability of Leap 42.2 Beta 2. This beta includes a beta of Plasma 5.8 LTS. Elsewhere, Valorie Zimmerman announced a beta for Kubuntu 16.10 for testers as well. Red Hat dominated the headlines today and not just for their continued success on Wall Street while the Microsoft/Lenovo story is running a close second. The Free Software Foundation needs input for their new swag line and LibreOffice won a Bossie Award.

openSUSE 42.2 Beta 2 was released today to anxious testers. Douglas DeMaio quoted the release manager saying the distribution is starting to "look quite good." Plasma 5.8 LTS is on the list of software slated for 42.2 and a beta of that is already present in today's beta. DeMaio wrote, "Other packages that had version upgrade in openSUSE’s latest beta are KDE Applications to version 16.08.0, Frameworks to version 5.26.0, GStreamer to version 1.8.3, gtk2 to 2.24.31, gtk3 to 3.20.9, json-glib to 1.2.2, Wireshark to 2.2.0 and Xen to version 4.7.0_12." He also mentioned that today's beta ran a day late but it won't effect the rest of the release schedule. Beta 3 is still scheduled for October 6 followed by Release Candidate 1 on October 18. RC2 is planned for November 2 with the Final still launching on November 16. Downloads can be had at

Linux Grandma Valorie Zimmerman today blogged that "Kubuntu 16.10 beta has been published." They put out the call for developers to help double-check packages and upload them to Ubuntu, and as of yesterday they still needed another body or two. Now they'd like to get some testers to check out their beta and possibly share their results.  Zimmerman said, "This is very important! We have more bugfixes we want to get into the final."  Kubuntu 16.10 is expected October 13, so "this testing is a MUST."

The Free Software Foundation today put out the call to "all free software supporters." They're looking for T-shirt ideas or any idea that someone might want to buy and "get the software freedom message across." They've got a wiki page set up as well as an email address for ideas. They only have a couple of weeks, so head on over there. "Together we can come up with the most practical and stylish ways to get the software freedom message out there."

The Document Foundation today posted of their InfoWorld Bossie Award for best "open source business applications, collaboration, and middleware."

Some of the many Red Hat headlines today include:

* ​Red Hat Platform-as-a-Service cloud loves containers

* Red Hat grows headcount by 25 percent in first half of fiscal 2017

* New Red Hat project looks a lot like a Docker fork

* Big biz happy to whip out credit cards for pay-as-you-go – Red Hat

* Red Hat Inc. (RHT) Lowered to Hold at Vetr Inc.