openSUSE Leap Goes Gold, Fedora 25 Delayed a Week

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 11, 2016

Today in Linux news openSUSE 42.2 Leap has gone Gold Master in time for next Wednesday's release. On the other side of town Fedora 25 has been delayed a week, pushing its release to November 22, 2016. Sam Varghese and John Grogan reported on the latest from SUSECon 2016, with one covering a Red Hat spy in attendance. Eric Hameleers released his latest liveslak and ISOs. The Hectic Geek compared Ubuntu 16.10 flavors and Carla Schroder examined Ubuntu's enterprise chops.

Ludwig Nussel today informed the factory mailing list that openSUSE Leap 42.2 Leap has been built. Any further fixes will have to go through the update side now. Some new features in 42.2 include kernel paravirtualization defaults on, KDE Plasma 5.8.2, GNOME 3.20, improved bootloader including Trusted Boot support, Firewalld support, installer memory usage improvements, LIbreOffice 5.1, Firefox 49, Wayland support, GNU Health 3.0, PHP 7.0 availability, and Prelude SIEM 3.0. openSUSE 42.2 will be announced next Wednesday. In related news, Tumbleweed recently got Mesa 13 and Plasma 5.8.3.

Jan Kurik today announced that the Go/No-Go meeting for next Tuesday's scheduled released ended with "No-Go." During the meeting Thursday evening 9 accepted blockers and 3 proposed blockers were discussed. All accepted blockers were verified fixed, but alas, one of the proposed blockers violated their release criteria and caused a delay. The culprit is a bug that prevents Fedora from appearing in Mac OS X boot menus. While thought of losing that particular criteria was also discussed for future releases, it will cause a delay for version 25. Unless something else goes wrong, Fedora 25 should be announced Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

If neither openSUSE nor Fedora are your thing, perhaps you'd like an Ubuntu flavor. But which one, there's like seven or eight of them. Well, the Hectic Geek compared and contrasted four of them. He doesn't recommend one over another, but he does provide a lot of information so you can decide. And if you're looking for something for your small business Carla Schroder looked at Ubuntu's readiness for that.

The latest from SUSECon 2016:

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* Red Hat 'spy' makes appearance at SUSECon

* From Windows to Linux: yes, that is still a thing

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