openSUSE, ROSA, and Red Hat

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 22, 2014

Today in Linux news, Jamie Watson is back with a look at the "coming attractions" of Makulu, openSUSE, and Fedora. Lifehacker has the winner of their "best desktop" survey and there are public builds of upcoming Unreal Tournament available. published an article on "The rise of Red Hat" and Red Hat's Jackie Yeaney talks marketing with Advertising Age. Blogged reviews include Scientific Linux and ROSA R4 and Make Tech Easier discovers "the power of Konqueror."

Jamie Watson, ZDNet Linux blogger, has been missing in action lately but is back today with a look at "coming attractions." First up is Makulu Linux, of which he said, "Makulu is my favorite distribution for the pure joy of Linux. Full of great graphics, bells and whistles galore, and overflowing with pretty much every package, application or utility you can imagine." The installer has been the sticky point with Makulu for Jamie, but he said it's starting to shape up nicely as well except for the lack of UEFI support.

openSUSE 13.2 RC1 is the next pre-release distribution discussed. Watson said of it, "I have been running the release candidate for a couple of weeks now, and it has been flawless so far." He said openSUSE developers focus on "producing clean, solid releases based on the latest Linux technology."

Fedora 21 is the other Jamie's been following while on vacation. He says there are fundamental changes afoot in the land of the head wear. Watson has been testing the GNOME and KDE version of the desktop image, but failed to mention its performance. Others have noted how nicely Fedora 21 is coming along though.

It's nice to see Konqueror getting some attention today. I've been using Konqueror for years and still use it for work everyday. "Did you know you can use Konqueror not only as a file manager, but also as a web browser, PDF viewer and document editor?" Ivana Devcic gives readers a tour of Konqueror's features and options before saying, "Konqueror’s power derives from the convenience and seamless integration of features that would otherwise require opening several applications. [It] can act as a container for other apps and eliminate clutter from your workflow, and you can always go back to using it as a lighweight web browser." recently asked which of the five best desktops readers preferred. "11,000 votes later" GNOME emerged as winner beating second place Cinnamon by seven percent of the vote. Unity came in third beating out fourth place desktop KDE. Xfce came in last with less than 17% of the vote.

In other Linux tidbits,'s Scott Gilbertson looks back at Ubuntu's ten years saying he can't imagine where Linux would be now if it hadn't been for Ubuntu. Das U-Blog reviewed Scientific Linux 7.0 GNOME today and Linuxed reviewed ROSA Desktop Fresh R4. Ubuntu's Jono Bacon says a Debian fork is unlikely because it's a huge task forking a distribution, although the threat of it just might work. Bob Tarzey briefly examines "The rise of Red Hat" and Advertising Age talks to Red Hat marketing VP Jackie Yeaney.

In other news:

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* Pantheon Desktop May Become Available on Fedora 22

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