OStatic's Essential Cloud Computing Resources

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 08, 2011

Over the past several years, cloud computing has become such a point of focus throughout the technology world that companies as large as Microsoft and Amazon are shifting their entire business strategies around it. The open source community is making large contributions to the shift toward the cloud, not just at companies like Red Hat, but all over the technology scene. At OStatic, we've been steadily collecting posts and resources related to open source and cloud computing. In this post, you'll find many resources, interviews and educational posts on the topic.

Recently, OStatic has been conducting an interview series with cloud computing platform managers, and makers of commercial cloud platforms, focused on the question, "What's in Your Stack?" The first three interviews in this series are found here:

myClin Founder Discusses What's in His Stack

The Man Behind Swiss Federal Mapping Discusses His Stack

Lucas Carlson, Founder of PHP Fog, Discusses What's in His Stack

OStatic has also collected many good guest posts on cloud computing from people in the open source community, with good examples found here:

How the Cloud is Changing the Way Developers Work 

Finding the Right Cloud for Your Business

How the Cloud is Driving Application Integration Up the Stack

How the Cloud is Impacting Open VoIP Services

How the Cloud is Changing the Way Database Administrators Work

SugarCRM's Martin Schneider on the Open Cloud

5 Cost-Efficient, Flexible Resources for Cloud Computing

You can find many more resources we've compiled on cloud computing here. Stay tuned to OStatic over the next several months for many more interviews with movers and shakers in cloud computing, with a special focus on open source tools.