OStatic's Firefox Superguide

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 29, 2008

Mozilla's Firefox browser is among the most popular of all open source applications, and one of the reasons is that it is so extensible and customizable. You probably have lots of favorite Firefox extensions and have picked up some tips, but continuing to add to your arsenal makes lots of sense. Since the inception of OStatic, we've tried to do lots of tutorials and tips posts on Firefox, and recently a reader wrote in and said it would be useful to have them all compiled in one superguide. So here you go--our superguide to working more efficiently with Firefox.

Extensions, Extensions!

Here you'll find a visual guide to six offbeat Firefox extensions that many readers have reported made a big difference for them. The readers also weighed in in the comments for this post with 26 responses, many of them citing their own favorite extensions.

In this post, you'll find a screenshot-driven tour and tutorial for one of the most powerful of all Firefox extensions: iMacros, which lets you script tasks with ease. Check out the photos.

We linked to this good story on WebWorkerDaily.com. It covers three Firefox extensions which worked well on Mac OS X: Colorzilla is a flexible color management utility, HTML Validator brings HTML validation features to Firefox, and CyberSearch adds advanced Google Search capabilities to the Firefox 3 address bar.

This post covers a couple of  very useful extensions: PDF Download, and Pluribo. PDF Download sits in the background, and when you click a PDF link, you can choose to view a document in your browser, in an exsternal viewer, or view as HTML. Pluribo goes through large collections of reviews on Amazon and produces easy-to-scan summaries.

In this post, our own Lisa Hoover compiled her list of favorite extensions, including TabMixPlus, Faviconize Tab, and Fast Dial.

Here, we linked to coverage of Pencil--a useful drawing extension for Firefox.

If you spend a lot of time on the web, you know how useful bookmarks can be. There happen to be a slew of useful Firefox extensions for supercharging your bookmarks. We covered several of the best ones here.

This post links to an outstanding collection of Firefox extensions specifically aimed at protecting your privacy online.


In this post, you'll find over 40 ways to get more out of Firefox. This includes a complete discussion of FireTune, a free download that can radically improve the performance of the browser.

In this tips post, you'll find a screenshot-driven tour of easy ways to work more efficiently in Firefox, including organizing bookmarks.