PCLinuxOS 2011.6 Released

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 27, 2011

PCLinuxOS developers released an update to their popular Linux distribution today. PCLinuxOS 2011.6 is now available for download. This release got a brand new look and lots of desirable updates.

Today's releases come in an LXDE, LXDE Mini, and KDE versions for 32-bit architectures. A Full Monty DVD was released back in April and was apparently another tidbit of news that I missed. A 64-bit version should be available in the coming weeks according to the release announcement. Other versions with the different desktops will likely begin appearing on mirrors as well.

What's new this release?

* PCLinuxOS 2011.6 got a kernel upgrade to The announcement said that PAE (high memory) and BFS (high performance) versions are also available in repositories.

* Xorg X Server was updated to version 1.10.2. Per the announcement, "This update brings enhancements to the PCLinuxOS desktop including speed, 3D desktop support for most Intel, Nvidia and AMD/ATi video cards, better font rendering, black screen fixes for most Nvidia cards, better Flash playback and more." Proprietary graphic NVIDIA and ATi/AMD drivers are also included in PCLOS, but may need to be set up by user in the control center.

* Other updates include GCC 4.5.2, RPM 4.8.1, Firefox 5.0, Pidgin 2.9.0, VLC 1.10.0, and LibreOffice 3.4.0 (by install script).

As usual, this release of PCLinuxOS functions really well and is at the top of the list for ease-of-use. See the release announcement for download options.

Update: Here's a few tips from the man himself.