Pear Returning, In the Movies, and More Highlights

by Ostatic Staff - Dec. 30, 2014

Today in Linux news is reporting that Pear OS is making signs of a comeback. In other news, Debian is spotted in a new movie and Phil Shapiro shares a cheap laptop story. We have 2014 highlights on Ubuntu, GNOME, and FOSS in general as well as Jack Wallen's wishes for the new year.

Linux was spotted on the big screen again. This time in Sci-Fi thriller Lucy. is reporting that you can see a Linux distribution clearly running Xfce in an important scene in the movie. They say it most likely looks like Debian and they've posted a video with those seconds of interest.

Speaking of, they also today relayed the rumor that Pear OS may be making a comeback. Pear OS was a Linux distribution that looked disturbingly like Mac OS X and disappeared about a year ago. Well someone spotted a new screenshot as if to tease of a new Pear OS release. On this Softpedia said, "From what little it can be discerned from the image, it could just be the real deal. The quality of the desktop matches what we would expect from Pear OS, but all those watermarks are strange."

OMG!Ubuntu! today looked back at the year in Ubuntu with the big developments each month. Christine Hall at Foss Force looks at the five biggest FOSS stories of the year. Systemd and Devuan made her list. The GNOMEs posted their highlights of the year including the releases of 3.12 and 3.14. And finally, Jack Wallen shares his wish list for the new year including hopes that the Ubuntu Phone actually gets released.

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