PowerShell for Linux, Mint 18 KDE, Fedora 25 Alpha NO-GO

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 19, 2016

The top story today must be the open sourcing of Microsoft PowerShell and its availability for Linux. Alpha quality packages are downloadable on GitHub. In other news, Clement Lefebvre said Mint 18 KDE Beta should be available this weekend and Jan Kurik said Fedora 25 Alpha is a "NO-GO." Canonical is now a patron of KDE e.V. and the release of Plasma 5.8 has been bumped up to make openSUSE 42.2.

Microsoft has open sourced PowerShell under an MIT license and ported it to Red Hat, CentOS, and Ubuntu. It's alpha quality and changes are expected before Final. Jeffrey Snover told CIO.com, "What we're trying to do is have a single-management stack to be able to manage all the workloads for customers, whether they're Windows or Linux, and then allow the customer to be able to manage those on any cloud and from any client that they want." He said they open sourced it so folks could see how awesome their code is and learn from it. Petri.com has a first look. In other Microsoft news, I still believe Secure Boot is dead.

Fedora 25 Alpha, originally schedule for August 23, has been delayed by a week due to blocker bugs it was decided at this evening's Go/No-Go meeting. The main problem was that the cloud images fail to compose, which is an automatic blocker. The release was blocked at that point, but the remaining proposed blockers were reviewed anyway. One blocker, a kernel panic on post, has been granted a freeze exception and some others are being "punted." Another Go/No-Go meeting is scheduled for the Alpha next Thursday to discuss its readiness. It's probably too early to start talking about slipping the Final.

In a bunch of tidbits, Jonathan Riddell today said that the upcoming Plasma 5.8.0 LTS release has been bumped up to October 4 (to be tagged September 29) so openSUSE can include it in 42.2 RC1 due October 6.  Clement Lefebvre today blogged that Linux Mint 18 KDE should hit beta by the weekend, complete with Plasma 5 and sans X-Apps. Canonical becomes a patron of KDE e.V. and someone said that OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 is the "release of the year." Jack Wallen reviewed Elementary Loki Beta 2 with glee and Jamie Watson tested Lumina 1.0 on several Linux distributions.

And finally, Sam Varghese said today that Google is building that new Fuchsia system because they're tired of being accountable for Android and having to provide security updates. In addition, the court cases are becoming tiresome for Google. Varghese also figures Google probably doesn't like having to provide source code back per the GPL2. "Enter Fuchsia."