Preview of GNOME 3.5.5

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 13, 2012

Matthias Clasen gave readers of his blog another one of his release previews this Saturday of the upcoming GNOME 3.5.5. The big feature this release is the "new screen lock implementation." Beyond that, various applications and System Settings received some improvements as well.

Clasen said the new screen lock mechanism is actually a sheild that lifts when depressing "Esc" or by dragging with the mouse. Underneath is the unlock screen. Clasen said it still has a few issues, but it works well.

Some System Settings panels have been improved. Clasen said, "is now possible to select drivers, set default options and control queued jobs" in the printer configuration panel.

The Network panel got the same treatment. For example, "The network combo box has been turned into a list that shows not only access points that are in range, but also saved connections."

See Clasen's full post for more detail.