Puppet Launches its Latest State of DevOps Survey

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 18, 2017

Folks who are focused on container technology and virtual machines as they are implemented today might want to give a hat tip to some of the early technologies and platforms that arrived in the same arena. Among those, Puppet, which was built on the legacy of the venerable Cfengine system, was an early platform that helped automate lots of virtual machine implementations. We covered it in depth all the way back in 2008. Fast-forward to today, and Puppet is still making news, creating jobs and more.

Now, Puppet has announced it has launched the 2017 State of DevOps Survey in collaboration with DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA), the leader in DevOps research and evidence-based technology assessment. The State of DevOps Survey and Report has surveyed more than 25,000 IT professionals around the world, and those who participate in the current survey are even eligible for prizes.

According to Puppet:

Over the past five years, the State of DevOps survey has shown that high-performing IT teams decisively outperform low-performing peers: They deploy 200 times more frequently than low performers, with 2,555 times faster lead times and one-third the change failure rate. The report has also investigated the effects of burnout, culture and employee engagement on organizational performance. In addition to expanding on topics in past reports, the 2017 report will examine new areas, including:

Infrastructure architecture patterns. Containers are a hot topic in DevOps circles, but smart infrastructure decisions are about more than just containerizing everything. This year's survey investigates the role of infrastructure architecture in DevOps.

Experimentation in work. We always hear about the virtues of a fail-fast approach. This year's survey investigates the role of team experimentation in software development and delivery.

Other business outcomes. For the past three years, the State of DevOps survey has shown that IT performance drives organizational performance for businesses, improving productivity, profitability and market share. This year, we're adding measures of success that are important to organizations that aren't profit-driven -- for example, IT teams in government agencies and other not-for-profit organizations.

"I'm always struck by how much people rely on the DevOps Report for guidance, for understanding how DevOps can help, and for making the case for DevOps within their organizations," said Nigel Kersten, chief technical strategist at Puppet. "The data we gather this year will build on our understanding of DevOps, and we hope will reveal how people are practicing DevOps today, what new practices are emerging, and how the culture of DevOps is changing."

"I am very excited about this year's research, because we'll be exploring aspects of leadership and architecture to show how it enables DevOps outcomes, as well as how it may achieve objectives that organizational leaders care about most," said Gene Kim, co-founder of DORA and co-author of 'The Phoenix Project' and 'The DevOps Handbook.' "By doing this, we'll understand better than ever what impacts DevOps performance -- and how to better show its value to everyone in the organization."

To participate in the 2017 State of DevOps survey and report, you can visit: https://devops-survey.com/register.php?uuid=4dbd9f88-49a3-5954-9681-6dcd21bf205f. S

urvey respondents who complete the survey will be entered to win one of two $500 Visa gift cards, an iPad Pro, a Philips Hue starter kit, or other prizes. The survey closes at 11:59 p.m. PT on February 10.

You can also download the 2016 State of DevOps Report based on last year's results.