Rackspace and Intel Open Doors for OpenStack Innovation Center

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 11, 2015

Back in July, Rackspace and Intel announced that they had teamed up on what could be a far reaching partnership focused on accelerating enterprise OpenStack deployments and feature adoption. The companies agreed to collaborate on an OpenStack Innovation Center targeted to significantly add to the number of developers contributing to upstream OpenStack code.

On Thursday, leaders from Rackspace and Intel officially cut the ribbon on the OpenStack Innovation Center at Rackspace’s headquarters.

Among other doors that the new center will open up, it is now hiring employees. Rackspace, of course, has remained focused on OenStack for years now, and Intel has been stepping up its investments in the open cloud platform and tools in the ecosystem surrounding it. Intel will commit its own developers to the new Innovation Center.

 OpenStack engineers will collaborate to advance the scalability, manageability and reliability of OpenStack by adding new features, and eliminating bugs. The new OpenStack Innovation Center will be located at Rackspace's corporate headquarters in San Antonio, TX. 

According to the original announcement:

"The center will create the world's largest OpenStack development team. Through this effort, Rackspace and Intel will offer new modules of courseware designed to onboard and increase the number of open source developers actively contributing to the success of the community.Rackspace and Intel will resource OpenStack development, working in collaboration with the OpenStack Enterprise Work Group and community, targeting bug elimination and the development of new enterprise features. The companies will recruit new engineers to participate in OpenStack development."

"The community's goal is to foster collaboration and spur innovation that drives broad adoption," said Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation. "The depth of experience and community engagement that Rackspace and Intel offer makes this an exciting project, as the code contributions and large-scale testing will benefit everyone who uses OpenStack."