Raspberry Pi Ushers in Synthesizer and Home Security Concoctions

by Ostatic Staff - Jul. 08, 2013

As we've reported many times, the diminutive $25/$35 Linux computer dubbed Raspberry Pi has emerged as one of the biggest open source stories anywhere. It's attracted all kinds of developers and tinkerers, is now running many different flavors of Linux, and there is even now a supercomputer consisting of many Pi devices lashed together with Lego pieces. 

In some of the more exotic new applications for Raspberry Pi, it's being used in music, robotics and security scenarios. Check some of these concepts out.

In an update online from the Raspberry Pi team, user-created synthesizers leveraging the Pi platform are seen in a video series.  The team takes note of the synthesizer-heavy song Cars, by Gary Neuman, from the 1980s, and mentions tha it was recorded using only four synth tracks. "There’s far, far more functionality available to you with a Pi than there was with an 80s synth," the post adds.

Among highlighted synthesizers that make use of the Raspberry Pi, there is  Marc Girard’s TronPi. It's capable of Choir, Strings, Brass and Flute sounds and is controlled with a standard USB/MIDI keyboard.  Then there is a concept synthesizer called Piana from Phil Atkin. You can find a video featuring it here. 

Meanwhile, PrivateEyePi is not only notable for having a cool name, but is a very functional, open, configurable, automatable home alarm system. Its maker (“Gadjet Nut”) has documented the whole system and provided code that you can use to customize your security system.  

These are just of a few of the latest concepts coming from the Raspberry Pi community. For one more interesting take on what can be done with these tiny devices, check out our post on supercomputing applications for the Pi.