Red Hat 7 RC, Ubuntu 14.04 Server, and Why GNOME

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 15, 2014

In today's Linux news, Red Hat announced the release of their Enterprise 7 Release Candidate saying, "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RC offers a near-final look at the only operating system crafted for the open hybrid cloud." In other news, Ubuntu is trying to breath down Red Hat's neck and Matt Hartley explains why he switched to GNOME. This and more in today's Linux news review.

Red Hat Enterprise 7 is due later this year but today brings the news of its Release Candidate. This release will be available to partners as well as the general public next week. Some of the key features of RHEL 7 RC include:

* Expanded Windows interoperability capabilities
* Significant file system enhancements

* Improved subsystem management through OpenLMI

* Virtual machine (VM) migration

* Docker container support

Ubuntu won't let the news cycle end without entering their name as well. In fact, Serdar Yegulalp at titled his coverage "Ubuntu chases after Red Hat with OpenStack and Docker bundles." He then said, "With the release of Ubuntu 14.04 on Thursday, Canonical is attempting to further define how it stands out from enterprise-centric distributions like Red Hat even as it shares features typically associated with Red Hat." Joab Jackson at said, "With Thursday's release of the server edition of its Linux distribution, Ubuntu 14.04, Canonical will emphasize how it can be used for organizations as the base for running large mission-critical applications in hosted environments and cloud-friendly software programs, such as Docker and the latest edition of OpenStack." The Var Guy joins in the choir with his coverage too saying, "For server users the latest and greatest Ubuntu release delivers more, particularly in the realms of automation, cloud computing and virtualization."

Matt Hartley wrote yesterday, "I've had a love/hate relationship with GNOME since its early day. As a long time XFCE fan, I tinkered off and on with GNOME 3 in hopes of making the switch a permanent one. After finally settling on running GNOME full-time, it turns out the switch was much easier than I had anticipated." He then compares and contrasts several key features of other popular desktop to GNOME and concludes, "I think GNOME 3 is fantastic."

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