Red Hat and QCT to Deliver Servers Bundling OpenStack, Ceph

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 12, 2016

Red Hat, is out with a new strategy that can deliver you multiple elements of its software stack combined on a next-generation server--right out of the box. The company has partnered with QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology), a datacenter solution provider, to combine key Red Hat offerings - including Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux - with QCT's family of servers, storages and network switches.

Red Hat and QCT say they are working together to increase private and hybrid cloud deployments, and to enable customer success on the combined offerings through joint testing, validations, reference architectures, and more.  We're seeing more and more of these bundled OpensStack solutions. Nexenta and Canonical have jointly announced a bundle that pairs Nexenta’s SDS storage solution with Canonical’s Ubuntu OpenStack platform.

Red Hat has emerged as a private and hybrid cloud leader, with open source solutions spanning the datacenter’s four footprints - from bare metal and virtualized environments to private and public cloud.  The company is competing with companies ranging from Mirantis to Canonical to be the partner of choice for OpenStack cloud deployments. 

QCT is a global hyperscale datacenter solution provider. It is a longtime supporter of the OpenStack project, as well as Open Compute and others.

Red Hat and QCT plan to collaborate on a number of initiatives, including:

QCT's Cloud Solution Centers - Unveiled in late 2015 with the support of Red Hat and others, the Cloud Solution Centers in San Jose, Calif., and Taiwan help customers experience, test and implement QCT's software-defined infrastructure solutions for more efficient and powerful private and hybrid cloud development and receive guidance from industry experts like Red Hat on the deployment of open cloud technologies.

Joint Reference Architectures - Following extensive testing and validation, Red Hat and QCT architects have developed several reference architectures to enable customer deployment success with Red Hat Ceph Storage - a massively scalable and open software-defined storage platform - and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform - a highly scalable, production-ready Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, on QCT servers, storages and switches. Reference architecture is available for Red Hat Ceph Storage on the configuration of QCT QxStor Red Hat Ceph Storage Edition featuring QCT QuantaGrid D51PH-1ULH and QCT QuantaPlex T21P-4U servers.

Scott Musson, vice president of Global Strategic Alliances at Red Hat, said:

“Enterprises are increasingly seeking to emulate the efficiencies achieved by public cloud providers but with the increased security, control and flexibility of private and hybrid cloud environments. By collaborating with QCT, we are aiming to bring our joint expertise to customers looking for OpenStack and Ceph-based cloud environments, with confidence that our solutions have been jointly tested and validated.”

Mike Yang, general manager at QCT, added:

“This collaboration with Red Hat delivers performance-optimized configurations for a broad spectrum of enterprise IT use cases. Red Hat Ceph Storage and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, combined with the hyperscale efficiency and performance QCT products offer customers a powerful and cost-effective path to hybrid cloud success. It’s another example of our leadership in the global server market as the shift to private and hybrid cloud computing gains momentum.”

 You can download a reference architecture from the companies, titled  "Performance and Sizing Guide Red Hat Ceph Storage on QCT Servers"