Red Hat Delivers Cloud Suite for IaaS and PaaS Management

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 05, 2015

Red Hat has announced that it is bringing together components in its software portfolio to create a suite of software that makes it easier to build private clouds. Red Hat Cloud Suite for Applications mashes up the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform with the OpenShift by Red Hat platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment with Red Hat CloudForms IT management software allowing for a complete private cloud stack.

According to Red Hat's Paul Cormier, President of Products and Technologies: "Combining these powerful cloud offerings addresses a significant customer need to reduce silos and enable more efficient OpenStack cloud deployments. While other companies can provide one or two of the building blocks for a cloud, Red Hat is the only vendor that can offer IaaS, PaaS and management in an open environment, backed by the strength of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and and the ability to leverage certified hardware of their choice.”

Red Hat is focusing on the fact that as organizations move to the cloud, many are evolving toward microservices architectures that run within containers to increase scalability, portability, and efficiency. These new architectures require massively scalable infrastructure in order to realize their full benefit.

However, many organizations also have a high volume of workloads not yet adapted for a microservices or container-based architecture, but which might benefit from having a solution that supports both applications running within virtual machines and new container-based application architectures. For example, developers may require storage services that are necessary for stateful application development, alongside a new container-based service.

Red Hat Cloud Suite for Applications integrates Red Hat’s PaaS, IaaS and hybrid cloud management offerings - OpenShift by Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and Red Hat CloudForms, respectively. With management of both OpenShift and OpenStack with Red Hat CloudForms, an enterprise can theoretically manage both PaaS and IaaS from a single console.

Red Hat is also deepening its cloud-focused ties with Dell. According to Jim Ganthier, VP and GM of Engineered Solutions and Cloud, Dell: “Cloud developers have often faced long lead times and cumbersome processes to host and run development environments on their infrastructure. Bringing Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service together gives software developers and architects the benefits of both a scalable infrastructure and improved productivity. The delivery of an industry first, open source, integrated (IaaS and PaaS) application suite is one way that Dell and Red Hat are working together to provide customers with a simpler, faster, more cost effective path to a future ready hybrid cloud that meets their needs now and helps them prepare for the future.”

Red Hat has carved out a strong reputation for its profitable Linux-focused strategy and the top-notch support it provides for enterprise customers, but there is no question that the company is betting on future growth in the cloud computing space. And, clearly, the company is especially sharpening its OpenStack focus.