Red Hat Expansion Rumors and Easier Fedora Nightlies

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 14, 2016

Red Hat is looking to expand their business into the Boston, Massachusetts and a version of the Red Hat logo may point where. Adam Williamson recently set up a directory where one can "easily find Fedora nightly images" and Benjamin Kerensa spoke with Vivaldi founder Jon von Tetzchner. In other news, Sasha Levin announced a new linux-stable security tree project and the Linux Foundation said the Internet is crumbling.

Following Red Hat's recent financial results and the company's expressed plans to expand the business to $5 billion in five years comes the news of their expansion into Boston, MA. "Real estate sources familiar with the matter" told Boston Business Journal Red Hat was looking for a 40,000 square foot space in the city perhaps somewhere around "Fenway, Back Bay or Seaport." Today they covered a mysterious tweet of a picture of the front of 300 A St. sporting "a version of" the Red Hat logo. Red Hat spokesperson Stephanie Wonderlick told the Business Journal it was indeed a version of the their logo, but not the official one. Another tweeter posted a picture of the sign being installed. Neither the owner of the building nor Red Hat would confirm the story at this time, but they need somewhere to start putting all those new employees.

Fedora 24 is fast approaching and that requires fresh installs of new builds all the time for testers. QA provides nightly builds of developmental Fedora 24 and Rawhide, but they've been difficult find in the past. But no more, thanks to Adam Williamson. He's constructed a tool that finds and produces a webpage of the latest available builds in all the editions, versions, and architectures including "last known good."

Benjamin Kerensa spoke to Vivaldi co-founder Jon von Tetzchner and shared his conversation at Tetzchner, a professed Slackware user, said unlike other large browser makers, they're taking direction from their community of users. "We are trying to build a browser that includes options and features for individuals." He said they've had "fantastic responses" from users and reviewers plus "millions of downloads." The Vivaldi team plans to include a mail client "before the year is out" and perhaps a surprise or two.

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