Red Hat Has Open Sourced ManageIQ Cloud Orchestration Platform

by Ostatic Staff - May. 13, 2014

This week's OpenStack Summit conference is proving to be a showcase for many announcements of tools that can enhance and extend cloud computing deployments. Mirantis has delivered an online database and aggregation site for vendors and applications in the OpenStack ecosystem.

And now, Red Hat has announced that has announced that it is open sourcing ManageIQ, a cloud management program that has been built into Red Hat's CloudForms platform.

Joe Fitzgerald, general manager, cloud management, Red Hat, said in a statement:

“While some industry players have focused on building an open source cloud infrastructure with OpenStack and selling expensive, proprietary management software on top of that. We believe the entire cloud should be open with no lock-in, so we are contributing this valuable code base to open up the management stack for the first time.”

In addition to its software contributions, Red Hat will also provide integration and orchestration content for lab automation. The company says that the platform and content pairing can help ease the building of development and testing clouds based on OpenStack. Additional content will be provided by a rich partner ecosystem joining Red Hat in the ManageIQ community, including AutoTrader Group, Booz Allen Hamilton, and CiRBA and Chef.

Red Hat invests heavily in a number of core technologies that complement the OpenStack ecosystem. The company's announcement added:

"As more developers turn to OpenStack to build and integrate their private cloud deployments, lab automation continues to be a critical piece of these solutions. ManageIQ can provide the additional management capabilities developers need, integrating with a number of OpenStack technologies and projects, including Nova, Glance, Ceilometer and Heat, allowing them to extend their OpenStack experience to lab automation for a richer developer experience. By creating the ManageIQ community, Red Hat extends its deep commitment to open source software and aims to advance cloud management by driving open source innovation."

"Beyond enabling development and test lab environments, ManageIQ will also provide a rich set of management and operational capabilities for all cloud deployments, from chargeback to tag-based policy and orchestration, to capacity management. As enterprises and service providers build their cloud infrastructure using OpenStack, they will be able to use the open source ManageIQ platform to manage those environments."

CloudForms continues as a proprietary offering based on ManageIQ technologies, but will likely benefit from open source development of ManageIQ tools. CloudForms provides heterogeneous support for the management of hybrid clouds built on OpenStack, VMware, KVM, Microsoft and Amazon technologies.

Interested customers and developers can learn more about joining the ManageIQ community at .