Red Hat NSA, SUSE Phone, Fedora Looking Great

by Ostatic Staff - Apr. 01, 2016

Sam Varghese today again asked about Red Hat and its dealing with the NSA saying, "Red Hat is receiving a goodly sum to assist the NSA in activities that infringe on people's privacy." Red Hat today offered its enterprise operating system free of cost to developers and said Fedora 24 is "looking great." Paul Thurrott posted screenshots of Ubuntu Bash on Windows 10 and Bryan Lunduke today asked, "Will openSUSE develop the SUSE Phone?"

Sam Varghese, noted Linux journalist, today asked, "Having crossed the next billion, is Red Hat in a position to hire some PR droids who can respond to a query as to why it chooses to assist the NSA?" Varghese said Red Hat never responded to specific questions regarding their business dealings with the spy agency. "The NSA spies on anyone and everyone and Red Hat supports it in these activities. The amazing thing is that a company dealing in open source helps to violate people's privacy while a proprietary software company, Apple, takes on even the FBI to defend its customers' privacy!" Then he chided journalists for not holding Red Hat's feet to the fire on the topic saying, "Increasing revenue also seems to buy an increasing amount of silence." In other Red Hat news, the company today announced an expansion of their developer program by providing Red Hat Enterprise Linux non-production developer subscriptions for no cost.

Fedora 24 "is looking great, running well" according to Michael Larabel at Since the alpha's release Tuesday, Larabel said, "I've been having a wonderful time trying out this test release with all of the exciting changes." He noted that it "feels polished and in good shape." After testing Fedora 24 Alpha, Larabel said he can hardly wait until June 7. In other Fedora news, Scott Dowdle posted a performance comparison of Fedora 23 versus Korora 23.

All Things Linux reported today that Slackware will soon drop its 32 bit version to come into line with other distributions. Blogger Barnaby quoted Patrick Volkerding saying, "we need to trim the fat." To that end, he also said that Slackware would only provide KDE because "everybody's using KDE anyway so there's no point including anything else." Users can still compile Fluxbox from source he added.  BB said he's so upset that he's leaving Slackware for iOS. "Happy 1st April."

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