Red Hat Q1 Report, GNOME 3.14 Sneak Peek, and Why Open Source

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 18, 2014

In Linux news today, Red Hat released their first quarter financial results today and the markets reacted in kind. gives users a peek and poke at GNOME 3.14. Newbie Tony Ireland shares his story and Michael Hall shares why he uses Open Source.

Red Hat, Inc. today released their first quarter financial results this afternoon saying their total revenue is up 17% over last year same time, subscription income is up 18%, and operating capital is up 16%. While the full report isn't all rosy, shares of Red Hat gained 5% in after hours trading.

The woGue blog today posted a quick look at upcoming GNOME Shell 3.14. In fact, they begin by telling Ubuntu users how they too can install it. They offer screenshots and a screencast as well as a few thoughts, so check that out.

At yesterday, newcomer Tony Ireland shared his "journey from Windows" to Linux Mint 17. He had issues with several other distributions, but he stuck with it and finally found "joy" with Mint. He advises, "If you work through the issues you will find as I have a Linux system that works on par with if not better than windows and is far more enjoyable."

And finally today, Michael Hall shares his reason for using Open Source software. He did what many say but few do: if something doesn't work, you can make it work. He had a weird piece of unsupported hardware that worked in neither Windows nor Linux. However, unlike in Windows, he was able to hack the drivers and get them to work in Linux because they were Open Source.