Red Hat Releases Enterprise 7.1 and Atomic Host 7

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 05, 2015

Red Hat, Inc. today announced the releases of Red Hat Releases Enterprise 7 Atomic Host and Red Hat Releases Enterprise 7.1 update. The latest Enterprise 7.1 brings "improved development and deployment tools, enhanced interoperability and manageability, and additional security and performance features."

In their announcement today, Red Hat said 7.1 "delivers key enhancements to Red Hat’s next-generation flagship platform, furthering the company's mission to redefine the enterprise operating system." These include Active Directory without winbind support, new features for Identity Management, the latest docker enhancements, better performance, and memory management. This release also "coincides" with the release of other systems such as Red Hat for Real Time and for POWER8 systems.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 7 is another coinciding system announced today. Atomic Host is "an operating system optimized for running the next generation of applications with Linux containers. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host provides all of the components necessary to easily package and run applications written for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7 as containers." Features include:

* Atomic updating and rollback through an image-like update mechanism.

* Container images in docker format can be deployed and run as application containers.

* Certification and support

* Container orchestration at scale through Kubernetes

* Stronger security by default through SELinux, cgroups and kernel namespaces

* Support for super-privileged containers

* Application portability across the open hybrid cloud

Following the announcements, Red Hat stock price remained relatively steady closing at $67.98 after losing 2% yesterday closing then at $67.19. That's down just a bit from a yearly high of $71.09 back on December 26, 2014.