Red Hat's JBoss Developer Studio 7.0 Serves Up Cool Tools

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 05, 2013

Red Hat has now  released version 7 of its Jboss Developer Studio, which offers developers a lot of cool tools.  It includes support for multiple programming models and frameworks, including Java Enterprise Edition 6, RichFaces, JavaServer Faces (JSF), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Persistence API (JPA), and Hibernate, JAX-RS with RESTEasy, Contexts Dependency Injection (CDI), HTML5, and a number of other popular technologies.

A blog post from the Jboss Developer team emphasizes enhanced features that will help developers quickly get started developing Java applications, and takes note of Browsersim, a mobile browsing simulator that allows developers to test web apps with various resolutions, dimensions and features, and use Firebug for debugging. The post notes:

"The new 7.0 release of JBoss Developer Studio provides support for Eclipse Kepler, the latest Eclipse release, as well as support for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.1....Five widgets, and their associated wizards, have [also] been added to the jQuery Mobile palette for HTML 5 mobile app development: form, image, video, audio and label."

"JBoss Developer Studio 7 provides a redesigned JBoss Centeral that is easier to use, allows developers to get up to speed more quickly and now includes archetypes, quickstarts, and a link to the TicketMonster Tutorial."

JBoss Developer Studio also includes tooling that allows you to interact with Red Hat's OpenShift cloud offering as if it were a local server. 

Complete documentation for the Developer Studio is available here.  The suite of tools is a free download.