Resolutions, Predictions, and Suggestions for the New Year

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 03, 2014

News is a bit slow in these last remaining days of what many consider the holiday season, but some headlines stood out today. Our old friend Jack Wallen is back with another top 10 list. iTWire's David Williams resolves to donate to Linux and Open Source projects this year and has suggestions for others way to help out in this new year.

After Wallen's previous list of disappointments comes his list of predictions for Open Source in 2014, saying, "I believe that Linux -- continuing to build on its solid groundwork -- will have the best year yet in 2014." One of the more eye catching of his predictions is "GNOME 3 will become relevant again" due mainly to their new apps or menu/launcher. Next Wallen suggests that "KDE will release a major game-changing feature" because, well, they are overdue. Of course no prediction list is complete without the year of Linux on the desktop. Well, he didn't exactly say that but he does foresee an increase in Linux desktop usage, perhaps breaking double digits in market share. Be sure to read his full article for lots more fun.

David M. Williams at asks, "Why not set 2014 off by vowing to give back to those projects which enrich your life?" After highlighting some of his favorite applications, Williams urges readers to find the donation link at their favorite projects' sites. He has a couple of other suggestions as well, so drop by there while you're out surfing.

Along that same vein, has a few suggestions how to get involved with Open Source too. Jason Baker, Marketing Specialist at for Red Hat, says one can get involved just by using Open Source software.  Further, he suggests users could promote their favorite project or software on social media and "the world". Baker says volunteer to write documentation or be a translator. You could help with a project's website or create art and images. One could even learn to code. See that full article for more suggestions and lots of helpful links.