Sabayon 10 Released with Four Desktop Choices

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 18, 2012

Sabayon 10 was released recently bringing lots of updates and your choice of four different desktop editions. Fabio Erculiani said, "If you really enjoyed Sabayon 9, this is just another step towards World domination (yay!)."

Actually, in looking at the mirrors one can see that the full Sabayon line has received updates in the last week. It also appears a new variety has emerged. In addition to the many other varieties for servers and desktops, Sabayon now has an official MATE edition. The announcement said, "Many people wanted GNOME 2 back and there you have it! Sabayon 10 MATE is now available on mirrors!"

Other desktops this release include KDE 4.9, GNOME 3.4.2, and Xfce 4.10. Erculiani said, "They now look even better on LCD screens thanks to the integration of the Infinality patches." Infinality patches "provide the nicest font rendering of any operating system and customization so that the end user is able to adjust the settings to his or her taste."

Erculiani also mentioned he was tempted to migrate to systemd, but decided against it. He explained, "While Systemd has proved to be faster, our real world scenarios simulation showed that the difference is well below 8 seconds for the boot process."

Of course, all the original tools, hardware support, and applications were upgraded as well. Sabayon now features Linux 3.5.4 with Fusion patches, better ZFS filesystem support, and a snapshot of upcoming Mesa 9.

See the full announcement for all the details and download yours from one of their participating mirrors.