Sabayon 6 to be Released this Week?

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 14, 2011

As some might recall, I've been running Sabayon for a couple of years now and enjoying it very much. What some may not realize is that although the Sabayon team issues periodic releases, it is probably primarily a rolling release distribution. Most would probably agree that Gentoo is a rolling release distro, but that's not the first thing that pops in your head when you hear Sabayon.

In order to have the best results one should update their system about once a week or so. If you wait too long, sometimes issues can crop up. I'd be disingenuous if I said that updating often didn't rarely cause breakage as well. Which is precisely why the periodic releases are welcome. It's been my good fortune that a couple of times in the past the new releases came just about the time I really needed a fresh install.

Sabayon Entropy Store Installing Updates

I've been updating about every week or two since I installed my newest hard drive and performed a fresh install of Sabayon 5.5. This included several KDE updates, which is usually the thing that goes oblong on me. But this time all seems to have gone well so I don't think I'll be performing a fresh update this time.

But for those that want to Fabio Erculiani, Sabayon founder and developer, said that the first images of version 6 should be released this week. I've been looking for KDE 4.6.4 last few days, but it's still a no-show. I'm thinking 6 images will probably ship with KDE 4.6.3. Erculiani said GNOME 3 wouldn't be included either. He actually said, "No, No, No. We don't have GNOME 3, sorry. It's still not yet ready for prime time, I don't even understand why Fedora pushed it that much, it looks like they don't have enough consideration towards their users... poor them!" So, GNOME 2.32.x it is.

Sabayon 6 KDE Desktop & Entropy Store

Erculiani also wondered if it was time to drop the 32-bit architecture. He said if not now, when? "Should we better focus on ARM?" Comments are leaning toward keeping it and I'm of that mind also. There are still a lot of folks with x86 machines and many with 64-bit hardware still use 32-bit operating systems and software. So, he'll probably not be able to save himself some work just yet.

I sometimes wonder why Sabayon isn't more popular, but it's probably more popular than I originally thought. I just noticed that it sits at the 10th position in's Page Hit Ranking and has been in the top 10 since 2007. Go ahead, give it a try.