Sabayon Releases Even More Choice

by Ostatic Staff - Nov. 11, 2011

As if there wasn't enough Sabayon version confusion, Fabio Erculiani announced three more images today under the "Experimental" umbrella. These CD-sized live systems feature your choice of LXDE, E17, or Awesome desktop managers and would be perfect for older or lower-spec computers.

Like regular Sabayon 7, these fresh spins come with Linux 3.1, Ext4 filesystem is default (btrfs supported), support for encryption, fast install, lightweight GCC implementation, and over 4000 software updates. Some of the software included on the E17 CD is Ristretto image viewer, Midori, Pidgin, Xnoise media player, and more. More can be easily installed from Sabayon's well-stocked repositories using the software manager.

The customized E17 desktop is responsive and zippy. It's decorated with an original Sabayon background, that strangely does not match the rest of the 7 series. The panel contains handy gadgets as well as the menu and pager. And there's no need to scrimp on basic effects because Sabayon E17 includes those too.

I only tested the E version, but if the other two are as nice as this one, these systems should be well received. If you have a low-spec computer, why not give one of these lightweight choices a test drive?

Download links and more information can be found in the original announcement.