Samba Patched, LibreOffice 4.2.6, and Best Browsers

by Ostatic Staff - Aug. 06, 2014

Today in Linux news, a Samba vulnerability was patched and LibreOffice 4.2.6 was released. Allan Day posted lots of GUADEC pictures and interviewed Michael Tiemann. Katherine Noyes searches the community for the best browsers and OMG!Ubuntu! has Five Linux Games Everyone Should Play. yesterday reported of a critical vulnerability in Samba saying it could "allow hackers on the same local network to run programs with nearly unfettered administrative privileges." Sambas 4.1.11 and 4.0.21 are fine, but others should upgrade or patch.

Katherine Noyes says it's "difficult to discern where a FOSS fan should turn for his or her Internet browsing needs," so thank goodness for Matt Hartley recent article on that. He briefly discussed the usual suspects as well as Qupzilla and Midori. Noyes nosed around the Linux community to see what bloggers are saying and using. has a review today of a new game for Linux they describe thusly:

Video games make us feel like gods. Within is not a game like that. You don’t ever get to feel like a god. You get to feel more like Job, that all-too-mortal peon in a world too large and esoteric for you to possibly understand. It’s an experience with no clear goal that leaves you feeling smaller and less significant than when you loaded it.

Reviewer Mark Wilson says the game begins as you awake in a white room that looks a whole lot like a sketching. Your goal is try and find a way out of the maze of corridors to nowhere, ledges without purpose, and transient doors. While describing his experience Wilson said, "The walls feel closer and closer, and my confusion gives way to paranoia and eventually, claustrophobia. When I close the game for good and return to the real world, I feel like I’ve been through some sort of trauma." The game's Website describes Within as:

An experimental videogame questioning the notion of space in a virtual world, where the player wanders in an ever changing place, chased by a mysterious figure.

In other gaming news, here's Five Awesome Linux Games Everyone Should Play. Wasteland 2 sounds awesome as well. And finally, Lovely Planet gives gamers a break from the usual shoot-em-ups.

And finally today, or yesterday now, in this late night "oops-I-fell-asleep-earlier" edition of Linux news review:

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