Sharing Distros, Tiny Core Fights Fires, and Bash Bug

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 24, 2014

In today's Linux news the Linux Journal has the story of a firehouse that saved time, money, and hair by using Tiny Core Linux. GNOME 3.14 is "lazier" than ever and Fedora 21 is getting lots of kudos. Red Hat is on its way to Mars and Bash has been found to be vulnerable to attack.

In our top story tonight, Bash versions 1.14 through 4.3 have been found to be vulnerable to attack. It's been widely reported today by the various tech sites and some are reporting this could be as serious as Heartbleed. This effects most Linux versions but it's servers who are vulnerable. Apparently the effected versions will allow CGI scripts to execute undesirable code on Linux/Unix machines. It is recommended everybody update their Bash programs as a fix was released with the announcement. Distributions are jumping on this and there's an update for, my distro of choice lately, Mint as I type.

Linux Journal today published the story of a firefighter/EMT in Pennsylvania that relies upon Tiny Core Linux to keep his firehouse running smoothly. Wilfredo Crespo says he tried to accomplish his tasks with Windows, but it just wasn't up to the challenge. So, Crespo decided to try Linux. He first tried Ubuntu, but alas, it came with its own issues. After considering several others he decided on Tiny Core Linux. He said of it, "There have been no problems, and the system is rock-solid. It is Just Enough Operating System for me!"

Paul Venezia today tries to sort through the similarities and differences in today's server operating systems. He said, "Failing to appreciate these nuances can mean the difference between smooth sailing and choppy waters when it comes to deploying and running your application." He briefs users on basic features of several systems and helps readers decide which suits their needs the best. He even includes an at-a-glance chart at the end, so go check that out.

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