Simple Steps for Putting Ubuntu on a Nexus 7 Tablet

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 29, 2012

There's a lot of action going on in the small tablet space with Apple recently announcing the iPad Mini and Google heavily pushing its Nexus 7 tablet devices. When most people think of open operating systems for these devices, they think of Android, but it's actually very easy to put Ubuntu on a Nexus 7 tablet. In fact, Canonical has posted complete, easy instructions for doing so.

As we've reported, Canonical is very interested in taking Ubuntu to tablets, TVs and other new devices. Some have even speculated that Canonical might consider becoming a player in the hardware business, as Google has. But it looks increasingly like Canonical will concentrate on how to take Ubuntu to devices made by others.

That's exactly what the company is doing with posted instructions for putting Ubuntu on the Nexus 7 tablet.  The steps for installation are very easy and Canonical has even supplied command line instructions.

Meanwhile, you can see a photo of Ubuntu running on a Nexus 7 here, and find access to a wiki for asking questions about installation.