Slackel KDE-4.10.4 "Live" Released

by Ostatic Staff - Jun. 21, 2013

Slackel is a live system based on Slackware and usually ships in Openbox and KDE editions. Today the Slackel crew announced their latest, Slackel Live KDE-4.10.4. "A collection of two KDE live iso images are immediately available that can be burned to a DVD or used with a USB drive."

Slackel KDE-4.10.4 Live is based on the current tree of Slackware and features Linux 3.9.5, KDE 4.10.4, Xorg X Server 1.13.4, GCC 4.8.1, and Firefox 21.0. It also includes lots of other software like Clementine, VLC, and the Calligra office suite too, as well as a long list of configuration tools. I didn't see one for installing proprietary graphic though (although, that doesn't guarantee it doesn't exist). So assuming it's really not there, it looks like we may have to install them the old-fashioned way because Slackel uses nouveau for NVIDIA chips by default.

Slackel hails from Greece, but a language selection screen is your first interaction after booting Slackel. The next screen offers more options such as keyboard configuration, runlevel, and disabling sound. It boots rather quickly into an attractive KDE desktop. Right on the desktop are icons to clone your customized Slackel system, set up a persistent home, and install Slackel to hard drive. In the menu are the previously mentioned configuration tools and Gslapt. Slackel features Gslapt and can install from Slackware, Salix, or Slackel repos (I hear).

All in all, Slackel seems like a pretty neato little ole system. In fact, I may have to install that baby this weekend to my hard drive and give it real whirl. See the full release announcement for more information and get yours here.